Marijuana Magic – CBD use can cure Bulemia!

Bulemia is a disease of the mind as much as it is a physical disease. There are several symptoms of the disease that cannot be easily identified by people other than the ones who suffer from it. This is because of the fact that most of the people who suffer from the disease hide it from other people and do all their binge eating and purging in secrecy. There are some common treatments available, but they will not be able to get rid of the chronic disease completely.

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CBD marijuana is a compound that is present in most of the strains of marijuana like white berry or Durban Poison. This is a very effective drug that will help in getting rid of the disease completely. Bulemia can cause a person to suffer very severely and many people lose weight dangerously. This can even be fatal in some. Other people who have this disease will keep the disease a closely guarded secret and that will not lose weight. Their body weight will be maintained, though they continue their binge eating and purging.

The CBD helps to get rid of the disease by modifying the brain functions effectively to control this kind of binge eating and purging, according to a study conducted by Monteleone etal. in the year 2004. There was another research study conducted by Holtkamp et al. in the year 2006, which also had similar results and showed the various benefits of using medical marijuana in the treatment of bulimia.

CBD controls the appetite of affected people

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One of the common symptoms of bulimia is binge eating. This is because of the increased appetite of the affected person. The binge eating can also cause the person to suffer from depression. The use of medical marijuana increases the amount of CBD in the brain. The CBD is useful in preventing any rapid neuronal activity. When the neuronal activity is subdued, it can suppress the appetite in a person. Decreased appetite will cause reduced intake of food and this will directly help in controlling the symptoms of Bulemia. This is the manner in which CBD helps in the control of appetite.

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Marijuana helps overcome depression

Depression is a problem that affects almost all the people who suffer from bulimia. Depression can lead to increased food intake and again it can lead to more depression. This kind of cycle will cause a person to suffer more and more. To help overcome this vicious cycle of events, use of marijuana is necessary as it will help in controlling depression and break the cycle of events.

Marijuana Pills more effective than a Marijuana Puff

Medical marijuana has been a prime research topic for a very long time. The plant has several medicinal characteristics which help patients relieve their health conditions with ease, as compared to the other standard methods. Based on years of research, it has been finally proven that medicinal marijuana when consumed in the form of pill has better and longer effect than that achieved from smoking the weed.

Medical Marijuana pill

Based on a research, it has been proven that a marijuana pill can help relieve pain and have considerably longer effect on our body as compared to smoking a pot, which leaves the patient’s high in most cases.

Medical marijuana is widely prescribed by doctors as a pain reliever for patients suffering from chronic pain caused due to certain medical conditions such as arthritis, chemotherapy for cancer, etc. Based on a research by the Substance Use Research Center, New York Psychiatric Institute, wherein two strengths of smoked marijuana were studied against two strengths of Dronabinol, a drug containing the same THC as that in Marijuana. The patients were studied under 5 different research sessions wherein they were asked to dip their hands in water baths that were slightly above the freezing temperature. The patients who smoked marijuana and the ones who consumed the pills, both tolerated the pain equally. However, when the patients smoked marijuana for a longer time, it took them almost 12 secs to 13 secs longer to feel the pain as compared to those who were on the marijuana pills. However, there were little differences that showed medical marijuana when consumed as a medicine took more time to effect the system as compared to people who smoked pot. Hence, it was clearly proven that medical marijuana pill helped patients enhance their pain tolerance despite of their health conditions.

og kushSmoking marijuana however has its own consequences, such as a probability for lung cancer. This is one reason why doctors prefer prescribing the magical medical marijuana pill than a dosage of marijuana smoke. Also, there is a small difference in the costing of the treatment procedures. smoking a pot costs you lesser than consuming the pill. But to help patients with such grave diseases, there are insurance policies that cover the marijuana pill costing. Thus, a patient consuming the pill would pay lesser amount than smoking a pot.

The drug Marinol is today one of the most widely prescribed medications by doctors for treating patients with their diseases.

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Benefits Of Cannabis In Treating Epilepsy And Other Neurological Conditions

Cannabis is a very useful medicine in the treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy can affect people of any age. It mostly affects children when they are young and becomes a chronic condition as the child grows old. Only a few kids are able to get rid of this disease. Epilepsy can even occur when the temperature of the body becomes high. It can also occur in various brain diseases. In fact epilepsy is a condition that is a symptom in many different neurological conditions, including stroke, head injury and others.

So, when a person can get epilepsy quite commonly. It leads to severe problems in the brain. Though epilepsy can be onset because of brain damage or neurological conditions, epilepsy itself can cause the onset of certain brain problems. It needs to be treated as quickly as possible to minimize this damage to the brain. Quick and effective treatment will also help in preventing long term damage and aid in quick recovery.

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Effect of cannabis on epilepsy and neurological condition:

1. Reduces abnormal brain signals: Abnormal brain signals are the main cause of epilepsy. When the brain does not function normally, it leads to increased signals being sent from various neurons. This can lead to sudden hyperactivity of the brain and this in turn causes extreme contractions of the muscles. This can lead to epileptic attacks where the muscles go into extreme spasm and there is rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Cannabis can help in moderating the brain signals. This will prevent the number of epileptic attacks that a person may have.

2. Reduces muscle spasm: When there is muscle spasm that is brought on by seizures, it needs to be relaxed to prevent damage to the ligaments and tendons. During epileptic attacks, the muscles go into severe spasm and they reach the end ranges of movement. This can lead to severe damage to the ligaments and also tendons. To prevent this, a regular dose of medical marijuana will help. It will prevent extreme muscle spasm. It will help in relaxing the muscles of the limbs and save it from damage during epileptic attacks.

3. Reduces epileptic attacks: The use of cannabis by those who are epileptic will help in preventing the number of attacks that they usually get. Other than the reduction in the number of episodes, there is also a reduction in the severity with which the disease affects the individual. When the severity of the seizure reduces, there is lesser risk of damage to the brain. This will help in reducing and preventing long term damage to the brain.

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